60sec. is a strategic marketing and advising firm

    specialised in the watch industry.



  • About

    60sec.is a hub of experts with cross-cutting skills for the luxury and premium markets, supporting clients throughout strategic and operational developments.

    A passion for the creative, strategic thinking, customer focus, innovation, performance and quality are the enduring values of 60sec. We combine the latest digital technologies to provide tailored, more targeted and responsive marketing while respecting the needs and constraints of the world of watchmaking. The goal is to help you improve your communication and support your distribution network by implementing targeted marketing actions.

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  • Our Mission

    Enrich reflection and solutions around a mission entrusted via a platform of experts. Extend the study of the field of solutions on universes connected via experts of multiple universes. Optimize profitability and development levers via complementary business expertise. Offer the possibility of dedicated support by experts to the operational professional path. Guarantee the strictest confidentiality, as well as the respect of the rules of ethics and ethics. Benefit from a connected network.

  • Our Strengths

    Thanks to our experience and expertise in the watchmaking sector, whether at industrial level, product development, communication and digital marketing, we offer you the possibility - according to your needs and means - either to accompany you on a mandate or for a simple advice or strategic thinking.

  • How we work

  • Team

    The 60sec. team A hub of consultants with operational experience in their areas of expertise.

    Experts from the different sectors of the watch industry. Specialist insight into both brand and suppliers.

    Each expert is backed by a team of professionals.